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This blog is mostly a lifestyle blog. I enjoy everything about creating a nest. Storybook Cottage blog was born when we purchased the sweetest little cottage located along the Central Coast of CA. This home was to be our families vacation home and for five years it was our families dream come true. However in 2012 my husband experienced a devastating stroke. Everything in our lives changed immediately. I became his caregiver and we began to write the newest chapter in our lives. Thus began the most challenging time in our lives. For my husband, the challenges were almost insurmountable. He could no longer speak without difficulty, walk, or care for himself in the most simple ways. The challenges for me were to learn how to assist him in transfers from wheel chair to bed or car. Bathing was my greatest fear due to all the hard surfaces. With many hours of rehabilitation, he became stronger and I learned how to face my lack of courage to care for the love of my life.
The saying, ”Grow where you are planted” has held a special meaning for the both of us. I continue to enjoy everything about home that will never change and I know that I am blessed to have the opportunity to care for my husband as he relearns to care for himself.

Thank you for stopping by to visit the Storybook blog today, I hope you have been inspired to decorate your home, enjoy your garden, and cherish those that share your families’ nest.
Mary Jane


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